Consultation & evaluation

We collect patient’s medical records through E-mail or WhatsApp for the prelimary evaluation. Patient can email  medical reports to or whatsapp +91 96 1588 1588 or calling us on same number. Once our experts receive the reports we send them to experts from Global Oncologist Network and they provide complete details on treatment plan and estimate of expenses.

Expert second opinion

Beyond the diagnosis, a second opinion provides us with a chance to ask questions, understand the options, and help in deciding whether to proceed with a potentially risky therapy or not and thereby restore confidence that the treatment plan recommended is appropriate. Good medical services provide smart, proactive, and informed choices that patients can trust with confidence.

Travel & Visa

We help patient in medical visa for visiting countries like India, USA, Singapore, China, Israel & Thailand. We also arrange hotel stay, airport pick up and all kinds of local help required in the visiting country. For details please contact us and we shall furnish details. Hospital International Center offers medical air and ambulance with stretcher and wheelchair, rescue vehicle and other forms of medical transport services. Our experienced medical team and partners will provide the transfer service 24/7.


Why CancerFax ?

1. Through our network of Global Oncologist Network we provide professional second opinion and consulting services for cancer treatment.

2. The medical second opinion team composed of  the authoritative expert think tank from “Global Oncology Network” and experts allows patients to obtain world class cancer treatment, opinions and suggestions. 

3. The world’s leading technology Bring together cancer centers, cancer experts, drug research and development companies to provide patients with advanced treatment options, drugs, technologies, and clinical trials. 

4. Advanced consultation management through the latest Dicom image consultation system, the p2p mode of real-time online transmission of data and real-time online consultation by global experts.

5. Full-course treatment intervention  provides patients with full-course treatment tracking and full-course expert intervention to effectively improve the cure rate and five-year survival rate. 

6. Professional service channels cooperate with foreign cancer hospitals to provide professional service channels for patients.