Next revolution in cancer therapy


It’s called “Molecular targeted therapy. These are the type of drugs specially made and designed to target and kill a specific type of cancer. As we all know chemotherapy is the most common treatment option nowadays to kill cancer cells and prolong life. Sometimes its also used as a curative therapy in the early stages of cancer. But while using chemotherapy which is given to kill cancer cells, some of the non-cancerous cells are also killed leading to side effects like hair loss, etc.
The drug leading its way as molecular targeted therapy is Glivec also known as STI571. It is used against rare leukemia.
So these drugs act by first identifying the cancer cells and then targeting specific molecules of the cancer cells. So it by itself restricts its own usage and can be used in very specific cases at present.
A case study that appears in the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine on the clinical outcome of one GIST patient in Finland treated with STI571 showed a significant reduction in the size of the patient’s tumor.

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