MD Anderson cancer center treatment story of a leukemia patient

Eddle and Pearlie Saddler, as his wife Pearlie hopes, “enjoy a regular life” in their South Carolina town. When they rested, Saddlers volunteered and participated in the service in the church. “We go there often, especially Eddie,” Pearlie said. “He is always busy. He always works 7 days a week and then helps people on weekends.” Just one weekend, Eddie’s throat started to hurt.

“I didn’t expect my cancer,” Eddlie said. But when his boss sued him on Monday, he looked bad, and Eddie went to see the doctor. At his doctor, Eddie was referred to a throat specialist. “I left the throat specialist’s office and went straight to the hospital,” Eddie said. “I didn’t even go home.”


I have acute myeloid leukemia. “This seems to happen overnight,” Pearlie said. After Eddie was diagnosed, he and pearlie knew they needed to make a difficult decision about where to go for treatment.

Visiting MD Anderson Cancer Center

Eddie’s local oncologist recommends MD Anderson Cancer Center. Pearlie works in a medical center, so she knows who to consult for the most reliable. “For me, the success rate is amazing.”

Even though Eddie’s family wanted him to live nearby, Pearlie wanted him to be alive. “We are at the MD Anderson Cancer Center,” she told Eddie.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Treatment

When Eddie arrived, he was very weak. The patient’s immune system is very fragile and needs to stay in a sterile environment. Eddie ’s doctor, Hagop Kantarjian, said, “When a patient undergoes treatment, his white blood cell count drops. When the number of white blood cells is low, patients like Eddie are at risk of infection.” Eddie is lucky, MD Anderson These are the few hospitals that provide this sterile environment. “I was shocked by what they did.” Pearie said.

Considering all the unique treatment options, Dr. Kantarjian and Eddie ’s other doctors made a treatment decision, and they were able to formulate a specific treatment plan for Eddie against leukemia.

Care and help at MD Anderson Cancer Center

In May 1994, Pearlie Saddler went to Eddle’s home in Ronald, Nankai. Pearlie said, “I am very excited. Because of my treatment team, I know everything I need to know about taking care of him.”

Current life

Before Eddie developed leukemia, Saddlers did not think too much about cancer. Today you can find them participating in fundraising activities through churches and communities to help raise funds to support patients who come to MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center for treatment. Pearlie said, “They gave Eddie and me warm hospitality and careful treatment-I think God is with MD Anderson Cancer Center.”

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